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Thursday's Child

New Longman Literature 11-14

No. of pages 224

Great for age 12-18 years
During the long, hungry years of the Great Depression, Harper Flute's family struggles to cope with life on the hot, dusty land. Her younger brother Tin seeks refuge in the contrast of an ancient subterranean world. A world that nurtures but - as disturbing events in the community reveal - can also kill. A world that is silent, yet absorbs secrets. A world that has the power to change lives for ever. Sometimes you have to dig deep to survive...


This book has been graded for interest at 16+ years.

There are 224 pages in this book. This book was published 2017 by Walker Books Ltd .

Sonya Hartnett is the author of the award-winning Thursday's Child, The Silver Donkey, What the Birds See, Stripes of the Sidestep Wolf and Surrender. She lives in Australia.

This book is in the following series:

Playaway Young Adult

New Longman Literature 11-14

This book has been nominated for the following award:

Guardian Fiction Award
This book was recognised by the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize Award. This award was founded in 1967 and winners are selected by fellow writers. It is awarded annually to fiction written for children aged eight and above.

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